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The Digital History Lab (DHL) is a resource to help students and faculty incorporate digital tools and methodologies into their research and teaching. Serving both students and faculty, the DHL provides a wide range of resources, including:

  • One-on-One consultation for digital research and pedagogy.
  • A lab space with hardware and software to support a variety of digital history projects.
  • Technology training for some of the most common digital humanities applications.
  • Links to digital humanities resources and events across UNC-Chapel Hill and the Research Triangle
  • A forum for digital historians at UNC to workshop ideas and share their work.

The computers in the DHL can be used for a variety of digital technologies such as:

  • GIS
  • Story mapping
  • Oral history and podcasts
  • Data visualization
  • Website creation, blogging, and public scholarship
  • Audiovisual editing
  • Digital archiving

Our staff has expertise in some of these areas and are always happy to connect you with experts and resources across the University. The DHL is open to all History Department faculty, staff, and students, regardless of rank or experience level.

To set up a time to speak to us, other questions or suggestions, please contact us at