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  • Newsletter 1/19

    Dear Colleagues, The Digital History Lab newsletter is back for the new semester. Here is a fix of DH related news, events, and articles from over the break. The latest episodes of the DHL podcast, The Lens: Historians and Popular Media, feature … Continued

  • The Lens Ep. 10: Progress and Power in Sid Meier’s Civilization

    In this episode, Emma and Craig talk with Gabe Moss about the video game franchise Civilization, by Sid Meier.  First released in 1991 and now in its sixth installment, the “Civ” games have engrossed generations of players with the opportunity to guide a … Continued

  • The Lens Ep. 9: Violence, Memory, and the October Crisis

    In the Season 2 premiere, Ph.D. Candidate Sarah Miles talks with Gabe and Craig about the documentary film Les Rose and Quebec’s October Crisis of 1970.  Released on the 50th anniversary of the crisis, in which the capture of a British diplomat … Continued

  • Newsletter 11/23

    Dear Colleagues, Please find below the final fixing of Digital History news and events from the DHL for the semester. Anyone who was unable to attend last week’s “Zotero for research management” workshop but wants to learn more, please reach … Continued

  • Newsletter 11/16

    Dear Colleagues, We hope you’re enjoying the final weeks of this crazy semester!  Here are the latest reminders and updates from the Digital History Lab. Workshop Today: This afternoon (Monday 11/16) at 3 pm, DHL co-director Craig Gill will host a … Continued

  • Newsletter 11/9

    Dear Colleagues,   We hope you had a nice weekend and enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather. We want to draw your attention to a three exciting DH programs:   Our own Craig Gill will be doing a workshop on how … Continued

  • Newsletter 11/3

    Dear colleagues,   Good afternoon from the DHL! Here’s this week’s news, updates, and resources: Digital Mappa is an open-source digital humanities platform, which lets you use digitally based workspaces, publications, and projects! You can use tools to highlight annotate, … Continued

  • Newsletter 10/26

    Dear Colleagues, Good afternoon! Here is your weekly fix of Digital History updates and news: The Digital History Lab Working Group had our second meeting last week. We explored some new skills including making PDFs searchable using OCR, using online … Continued

  • Newsletter 10/19

    Dear Colleagues, We hope you’re doing well!  Here is this week’s news and events from the Digital History Lab. The Digital History Working Group will hold its second meeting of the year on Thursday 10/22 at 4 pm.  All are … Continued

  • Newsletter 10/12

    Hello Colleagues, The DHL would like to call your attention to three (we think, cool) new projects this week: 1) After attending the University of Alabama’s Digitorium last week, the DHL staff was introduced to Twine, an open-source tool for telling non-linear stories. … Continued

  • Omeka Tutorial

    Hello All, Thanks to those who came to our sponsored Omeka tutorial yesterday! If you have any follow up questions, or if you could not attend but are interested in learning more about Omeka for research or classroom use, please … Continued

  • Newsletter 9/28

    Dear Colleagues, Greetings from the Digital History Lab. Below is your weekly fixing of Digital History content and news. Omeka Workshop 10/05, 4-5pm: Join us for an introduction to Omeka, a content management system used to create and display online exhibits. Librarians … Continued

  • Newsletter 9/21

    Dear Colleagues, We hope you’re doing well, despite it all!  Here are this week’s announcements from the Digital History Lab. The first (virtual) meeting of the Digital History Working Group is this Thursday 9/24 at 4 pm–if you’re interested in … Continued

  • Newsletter 9/14

    Hello Colleagues! Here is a run-down of some things in the digital history world this week: The DHL is planning a training on Omeka, a great tool for creating digital exhibits and presenting research. We are looking to get a … Continued

  • Newsletter 8/31

    Dear Colleagues, Greetings from the Digital History Lab team. Here is a collection of DHL news and other resources for this week! Working Group: Would you be interested in being a part of a DHL working group, a virtual space for … Continued

  • Newsletter 8/17

    Hello Everyone! We hope you had a good first week and are staying safe in this crazy time. We are your Co-Directors of the Digital History Lab this year. For those of you who don’t know us, we are physically … Continued

  • Crowd-Sourced Transcription and Remote Teaching

    By Gabriel Moss and Caroline Newhall In 2019, the UNC Digital History Lab began hosting a series of “transcribathons.”  In these events, history students and enthusiasts came together to transcribe historical documents, using a variety of online platforms to support … Continued

  • Four Steps Towards Compassionate Online Teaching

    By Zardas Shuk-man Lee, PhD Candidate, History Department In the Spring semester 2020, I taught as an instructor of record at UNC for the first time, offering a course on Modern East Asia. Two months into the semester, during Spring … Continued

  • The Case for Asynchronous: A Teacher’s Perspective

    By Professor Michael Morgan, UNC History Department   In March, when the pandemic forced UNC to suspend in-person teaching, instructors on campus scrambled to adapt their courses. In the case of my undergraduate survey of Cold War history, I wanted … Continued

  • The Case for Asynchronous: A Student’s Perspective

    By Joshua O’Brien (Class of 2022) March 11th was the one day, more than any other, that crystallized the effect of the pandemic on American life. For starters, that was the day the WHO declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic. … Continued

  • Teaching Through Transition: Opportunities for Instructors, TAs, and Students

    (By Luke Jeske, PhD Student, History Department) The pandemic caused by COVID-19 and universities’ responses to fluctuating public health guidelines have presented many instructors with a sort of pedagogical crisis. Professors and graduate students across the country have numerous questions … Continued

  • How Using Minecraft Opened Up a New Way of Learning 

    By Julian Robles (Class of 2023) Coming into college at UNC Chapel Hill, I knew that a new level of work and effort would be required to do well and succeed. I expected the usual papers from classes, assigned readings, and … Continued

  • “Hybrid” Classrooms in the Time of COVID (and Beyond)

    By Garrett Wright When universities across the country announced that classes would be moving online back in March, I hopped on Twitter and saw the social media equivalent of Hellmo.  Understandably, faculty and graduate students were equal parts anxious, furious, … Continued

  • In Which We Introduce the Blog

    As recognized ad nauseum in think-pieces and university emails, these are unprecedented times. As the dust settles on the strangest semester in recent memory, history instructors around the world are reflecting on the emergency transition to online learning, and looking … Continued

  • The Lens, Ep. 8: Race, Golf, and Bagger Vance

    In this episode, Emma and Garrett talk to Craig Gill about the depiction of African American golf caddies in the 2000 film The Legend of Bagger Vance and the history of golf in the United States. Additional readings: Pinehurst Sportscope Short Documentary … Continued

  • The Lens, Ep. 7: “Backwards Colombia”: Violence and Representation in Narcos

    In this episode, Gabe and Garrett talk to Marlon Londoño about the Netflix series Narcos (2015-16) and Caracol Television’s Escobar: El Patrón del Mal (2012).   Additional Readings: Pablo Medina, Uribe, “Netflix’s Narcos Cheapens Colombia and Its History” Bernardo Aparicio García, “I grew up in … Continued

  • March 2: Transcribe-A-Thon for Anti-Slavery Manuscripts

    Join us on Monday, March 2, at 5pm in Hamilton 425, to participate in the second DHL Transcribe-A-Thon of the semester. We will work together to contribute to an exciting ongoing project, Anti-Slavery Manuscripts, which is designed to transcribe handwritten correspondence … Continued

  • The Lens, Ep. 6: 1917 and ‘Realistic’ War Movies

    In this episode, Gabe and Emma chat with Dr. Wayne Lee (Professor of History and Adjunct Professor for the Curriculum in Peace, War, and Defense) about the film 1917, which was nominated for 11 Oscars and won awards for Cinematography, … Continued

  • The Lens, Ep. 5: Gender and Little Women

    In the first episode of 2020, Gabe and Garrett welcome their new colleague Emma Rothberg, who is a PhD Candidate in history at UNC-Chapel Hill as well as a co-director of the Digital History Lab. Emma discusses representations of gender … Continued

  • Feb. 4: Transcribe-A-Thon for Freedom on the Move

    Join us on Tuesday, February 4, at 5pm in Hamilton 423, to participate in the first DHL Transcribe-A-Thon of the semester. We will work together to contribute to an exciting ongoing project, Freedom on the Move, which is designed to transcribe thousands … Continued

  • Jan. 15 Workshop: Public-Facing Websites for Teaching

    We are excited to announce that on Wednesday, January 15, at 1:00 P.M., we will be holding “Public-Facing Websites for Teaching,” the third in our series of Digital History Workshops. Generously supported by the Department of History and the Media … Continued

  • The Lens, Ep. 4: Geography and Modernity in Game of Thrones

    In 2019’s final episode of The Lens, UNC-Chapel Hill PhD Candidate Daniel Morgan joins co-hosts Gabe Moss and Garrett Wright again–this time to talk about the popular book series A Song of Ice and Fire and its television adaptation Game of Thrones. Tune in to … Continued

  • The Lens, Ep. 3: Simulating Holy War in Crusader Kings

    In this episode, UNC-Chapel Hill PhD Candidate Daniel Morgan talks about simulations of the medieval past in the popular video game Crusader Kings II. Stay tuned for our next episode, which will feature another conversation with Daniel about Game of Thrones. Additional … Continued

  • Nov. 19: Transcribe-A-Thon for the American Soldier Project

    Join us on Tuesday, November 19, from 5-6:30pm in Hamilton 452, to participate in the second in a series of DHL Transcribe-A-Thons. We will work together to contribute to an exciting ongoing Zooniverse project, The American Soldier, which is designed to … Continued

  • The Lens, Ep. 2: Race and Orientalism in 300

    In this episode, Digital History Lab co-director Gabe Moss talks about the ways in which Orientalism is deployed in the 1998 graphic novel 300 and its 2006 film adaptation. This is the second part of a two-part series on popular representations of … Continued

  • Nov. 11: Podcasting for Historians Workshop

    We are excited to announce that on Monday, November 11, at 2:00 P.M., we will be holding “Podcasting for Historians,” the second in our series of Digital History Workshops. Generously supported by the Department of History, the Media Resources Center, … Continued

  • The Lens Ep. 1: Anachronism and Imperial Anxiety in Gladiator

    The Digital History Lab is excited to announce the launch of our new podcast, The Lens: Historians and Popular Media. Co-hosted by Gabe Moss and Garrett Wright, each episode of The Lens will feature a conversation about one piece of popular media–films, … Continued

  • Oct. 21: Transcribe-A-Thon for African American Civil War Soldiers Project

    Join us on Monday, October 21, from 5-7pm in Hamilton 570, to participate in the first in a series of upcoming Transcribe-A-Thons. We will work together to contribute to an exciting ongoing Zooniverse project, African American Civil War Soldiers, which is … Continued

  • Graduate Student Entrance Interviews

    The DHL staff sat down with five of the History Department’s first-year graduate students to ask about their interests in history and the program. Watch the video below to see responses from Kylie Broderick, Javier Etchegaray, Marlon Londoño, Cavender Sutton, and … Continued

  • Oct. 3: Introduction to Historical GIS

    We’re very excited to announce that on the afternoon of October 3 we will be holding “Introduction to Historical GIS,” the first in a series of Digital History Workshops.  Generously supported by the Department of History and the Davis Library … Continued

  • About the DHL

    The Digital History Lab (DHL), located in Hamilton 510, is a resource to help students and faculty incorporate digital tools and methodologies into their research and teaching. Serving both students and faculty, the DHL provides a wide range of resources, … Continued