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November 16, 2022

UNC History Community,

Thank you to everyone that joined us for the last working group of the semester yesterday! It was wonderful to see everyone and hear about what software you are using in your research.

  1. Hear/Here: In Oakland, California, history is traveling on wheels in the form of a digital storytelling truck. “On Fridays, hired community engagers with roots in North Oakland drive slowly through the neighborhoods, giving people an opportunity to watch short videos of longtime Black neighbors,” wrote Oaklandside Reporter Celeste Hamilton. The videos compile oral histories and material from the local history initiative, Commons Archive. Visit Hear/Here here.
  2. Greensboro Firefighters History: DigitalNC, in collaboration with the Greensboro Firefighters History Book Committee, have digitized a collection of material documenting the history of the Greensboro Fire Department. Artifacts range from photos to newspapers to instruction manuals and show evolutions within the department. Visit Greensboro Firefighters History here.

  3. UNC History First Year Grad Student Interviews: The DHL staff sat down with five of the History Department’s first-year graduate students to ask about their interests in history and the program. Watch the video below to see responses from Luca Azuma, Dave Marthy, Sebastián Quiñones, Mark Thomas-Patterson, and Xinong Wang. See the video here.

Make sure to contact the Digital History Lab if there are any skills you want to learn, need support with your own digital history projects, or are interested in our podcast!

Thanks for reading,

The DHL Team (Cameron, Dustin, Madeleine, & Sarah)

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