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April 20, 2022

UNC History Community,

Thank you to everyone that attended the Working Group meeting this past Monday! We loved hearing about everyone’s digital projects.

1. Digital Archaeology: Advancements in 3-D reproduction technology have made it easier than ever for archeologists to enter the digital world. However, the tools to complete such digitization were often expensive and time consuming. Recently, two methods were created to alleviate amateur archeologists of these burdens. Read about Small Object and Artefact Photography and High Resolution Photogrammetry here.

2. VR & History: Historians have started using both augmented reality and virtual reality technology to create immersive history experiences for public audiences. “This can be used to show restored versions of damaged historical artifacts or the inside components of vintage machinery,” wrote Florida Atlantic University senior Maximillian Padilla-Rodriquez. Museums hope to implement this new technology to create more engaging exhibits. Read the whole story here.

3. Irwin Nash Images of Migrant Labor Digital Collection: In Washington State University’s digital collections there sits a collection of over 9000 photos documenting the migrant workers of the Yakima Valley. The archive was recently awarded the American Library Association’s Reference and User Services Association’s 2022 John Sessions Memorial Award for its contributions to public knowledge and historic preservation. Read the whole story here.

Make sure to contact the Digital History Lab if there are any skills you want to learn, need support with your own digital history projects, or are interested in our blog and/or podcast!

Thanks for reading,

The DHL Team (Madeleine, Cameron, & Craig)

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