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Hello Colleagues,

We hope you all had a nice weekend and enjoyed the warm weather and extra daylight hours. Below is your weekly dose of digital humanities:

  1. A number of pandemic journaling projects have appeared to capture the day to day experience of living through this past year. Many are expressly for the purpose of capturing these experiences for the historical record. And many are happening digitally! If you are interested, either in reading or contributing, you can find an NPR article here, the homepage of the Pandemic Journaling Project here, the UCONN’s pandemic journaling project here(they also just posted a post doc related to the project), and the National Women’s History Museum’s journaling project here.
  2. To read about the field, you can always check out the Journal of Digital Humanities 
  3. The National Council on Public History just launched a Digital Projects Directory, a free guide for digital history projects for both students and faculty. Check it out here.
  4. If you are interested in contributing to our new podcast, or just want to talk through a potential idea, please let us know! The Cutting Room Floor is looking for participants! The show provides a platform for historians to share short and engaging stories they find in their research that don’t easily fit into larger projects.


As always, if you have any questions or suggestions for how the DHL can better serve the department, please let us know at

Have a good week!
Emma, Ash, Gabe, and Craig

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