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Dear colleagues,


Greetings and happy March from the Digital History Lab! Here’s your weekly fix of DHL content and updates:

  1. One of our co-directors, Dr. Gabe Moss, released the first episode of his new podcast last week,Breaking Point: A History of Panic! You can listen to the first episode here, where Gabe and his guest Dr. John Waller discuss the Dancing Plague of 1518.
  2. We are looking to expand group membership for our DHL working group, which will help to brainstorm DH tools for members’ projects, provide feedback, and support the progress and development of DH work! If you’re interested in joining, please send us an email at
  3. As always, we are looking for guests to bring on our podcast, The Lens, and submissions for our blog Teaching History Online. If you’re interested in either (or both!) of these opportunities, please contact us. We would love to hear from you!


Finally, we’re here to offer help and consultations for all of your digital history needs, ranging from research, teaching, and resources. Don’t hesitate to contact us.


Have a fantastic week!

The DHL Team (Ash, Emma, Gabe, and Craig)

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