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UNC History Community,

We hope you all enjoyed your Labor Day weekend! Here’s your weekly fix of Digital History content:

  1. Researchers at Virginia Tech are pulling moving images of Black U.S. soldiers from microfilm, using AI, virtual reality, and crowdsourcing techniques.
  2. The Church of England launched an initiative to digitally map the graves in 19,000 churchyards, with the intent of aiding both familial and historical research.
  3. We currently have two episodes of The Cutting Room Floor in the works. Missed the first episode? Our narrative-style show is available wherever you listen to podcasts. If you have any bizarre, fascinating, amusing, or even puzzling stories uncovered during historical research that you would like to share, email us at

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any digital history questions, want to write for our blog, or need support with digital projects. Stay tuned for more DHL updates!

Have a great week,

The DHL Team (Ash, Cameron, Emma, & Craig)

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