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“Propaganda in Translation” is run by Donald Santacaterina, a Ph.D. Candidate, Propaganda Analyst, and Historian of Global Media Systems at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. To access this project and propaganda workshops, click here
Propaganda in Translation is a public-facing website with a set of “propaganda workshops,” comparing published articles from Chinese and U.S. news outlets that cover the same events. By putting Chinese and U.S. propaganda in conversation, this project aims to promote media literacy, foster mutual understanding, and cultivate knowledgeable consumers of media who face a rapidly shifting digital age of international geopolitics. Covered topics include Global Environmental Policy, propaganda concerning the origins of COVID-19, and the anniversary of the murder of George Floyd. Additional topics will be added continuously and can also be requested through the website.


In turn, Propaganda in Translation promotes media literacy while offering tools to recognize and interpret misleading, biased news. The website also offers potential teaching materials aimed at college-level and advanced high school students on media literacy. You can sign up to receive such resources via e-mail through the home page.
Utilizing WordPress  simple interface and Adobe Acrobat‘s ability to overlay the translations of Chinese news articles (while maintaining the “feel” of the original documents), Propaganda in Translation’s content is accessible to all users. The handouts created for propaganda workshops were created in Canva  a free, online design tool that allows users to design and collaborate on newsletters, social media posts, slide decks, worksheets, and flyers.
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