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Dear UNC History community,

The Digital History Lab is happy to share the latest DH news and projects from around UNC and further afield. To the graduate students and faculty who have been receiving these newsletters for some time, we hope you continue to read our updates. To undergraduate students, who are receiving this newsletter for the first time, welcome! The Digital History Lab is both a physical space in Pauli Murray Hall (Room 510) and a group of graduate students and undergraduates who foster digital history engagement at UNC. We help students and faculty integrate digital tools into their research and teaching, produce podcasts and blogs, and host DH related events such as workshops and transcribe-a-thons! We can be reached via email at


With that brief (re)introduction, here are some items of DH news and updates.

  • A recent article by Lauren Klein and Sandeep Soni in Public Books, details their efforts to create a computational model that tracks the changing language of the abolitionist movement in the United States.
  • Models of Argument-driven Digital History is a new collection of articles annotated by their authors to highlight the use of digital methods to make historical arguments.
  • We are still looking for more people to come on our podcast, The Cutting Room Floor! The show provides a platform for you to share short and engaging stories you find in your research. If you have an interesting story from your own research, please email to discuss.
  • The Digital History Working Group will get underway again in early September. We have monthly meetings where members discuss DH methods and can receive feedback on their own work. Open to all! Email us if you would like to be part of the group this year.
Thanks for reading!

The DHL Team (Craig, Emma, Ash, and Cameron)

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