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Dear Colleagues,

Greetings from the Digital History Lab! Here is your weekly round-up of DH news and events.

  1. Our new podcast, The Cutting Room Floor, is set to get up and running in the next few weeks. Do you have any hidden gem stories from the archives that perhaps do not fit your research but deserve the light of day? We would love to hear your ideas and host you on the podcast.
  2. The AHA’s Digital History events continue apace with next week’s “Getting Started in Digital History: Pedagogy in the Time of COVID” – register at this link.
  3. The Georgian Papers Project is 123 pages away from completing the transcription of the “George III Medical Papers Collection.” You can contribute to the transcription project anytime.
  4. A new book by Adam Crymble, Technology and the Historian, charts the evolution of practicing digital history. It is forthcoming next month from University of Illinois Press.
  5. As always, do not hesitate to reach out with any DH queries or problems. You can reach us by email at
  6. We are currently in the process of making minor design updates to the department website. Over the next two weeks we will be unable to fulfill requests for website updates while the work is in progress. Thanks for your patience as we attempt to streamline


The DHL Team (Craig, Emma, Gabe, and Ash)

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