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Dear Colleagues,
Here is your weekly fix of digital history news and events.
  1. The DHL Working Group re-convenes this Thursday for the first time this semester. If you are interested in joining to discuss and learn about DH tools then email
  2. The AHA hosted an interesting DH event entitled “Future Directions in Research and Training for Digital History” last week. It will be available to view on their YouTube page in the coming days.
  3. One resource mentioned during the AHA event was a report into what DH tools are most used in research. Read the report here.
  4. Finally, and as usual, the DHL continues to offer consultation for your digital needs for research and teaching. We also would love to host more graduate students and faculty on our podcast, The Lens.
Have a great week,
The DHL team (Craig, Emma, Gabe, and Ash)
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