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Dear Colleagues,
Congratulations on making it through the first month of the new year!  Here are this week’s news and updates from the Digital History Lab.
  • Digital History Working Group: The Digital History Working Group will have its first meeting of the semester later this month (date and time TBA).  Anyone interested in discussing and learning more about DH tools and approaches and in helping to steer DHL trainings and events is encouraged to join–email to be added to the DHWG mailing list.
  • Teaching Resources: The Center for Faculty Excellence is compiling a set of “Field Notes,” short suggestions for improving online teaching contributed by faculty from around the college.  Instructors are encouraged to share their own techniques that have worked in online pedagogy.  The DHL also continues to consult on teaching technologies and strategies.
  • Virtual Trainings at Davis: The Davis Library Research Hub is hosting numerous trainings over the next month that may be of interest to historians.  Highlights include sessions on Story Mapping with ArcGIS Online (Feb. 2), working with geospatial data in ArcGIS Pro (Feb. 11), the data visualization software Tableau (Feb. 10 & 17), and the bibliography and research-management program Zotero (Mar. 2).  For a full calendar and to register, visit the Research Hub’s website.
  • Virtual Workshops: NYCDH WeekFrom February 8-11, New York City Digital Humanities is hosting a week of workshops and trainings on a wide range of digital humanities and digital history platforms.   A full list of workshops (including sessions on podcasting, online exhibit design, and hybrid teaching) is available here.
The DHL is always looking for ways to better serve the history department–if you have ideas, comments, or suggestions, please contact us at
Gabe, Emma, Craig, and Ash
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