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Dear Colleagues,

The Digital History Lab newsletter is back for the new semester. Here is a fix of DH related news, events, and articles from over the break.

  1. The latest episodes of the DHL podcast, The Lens: Historians and Popular Media, feature Gabe Moss and Sarah Miles. Listen to Gabe discuss the historical questions raised in Sid Meier’s Civilization video game series and Sarah explaining the historical context of the new documentary Les Rose and Quebec’s October Crisis of 1970. Also available on Spotify, and Apple podcasts. If you would like to discuss a piece of popular media on our podcast, then please get in touch! We are also still interested in publishing your reflections on online teaching for our blog, Teaching History Online.
  2. Michigan State University released a new digital project, Enslaved: Peoples of the Historical Slave Tradewhich allows users to “explore or reconstruct the lives of individuals who were enslaved, owned slaves, or participated in the historical trade,” using a database of over half a million records.
  3. An article in AHA Perspectives by Allison Robinson focuses on how to conduct a class digital project using university collections.
  4. The Davis Library Research Hub has a bumper calendar of events organized this semester including mapping, Python, Excel, Tableau, R, and much more!

As usual, please reach out to us over email to discuss implementing digital tools in your teaching or research.


Craig, Emma, Gabe, and Ash

The Digital History Lab Team

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