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Dear colleagues,


Good afternoon from the DHL! Here’s this week’s news, updates, and resources:

  1. Digital Mappa is an open-source digital humanities platform, which lets you use digitally based workspaces, publications, and projects! You can use tools to highlight annotate, organize, and markup digital history projects and documents. Click the hyperlink above to check it out!
  2. Voting America is a digital history project from the University of Richmond that uses data and map visualizations to display the results and patterns in both presidential and congressional elections over time. You can also look at patterns across different variables down to voter districts!
  3. On that note, if you can do so, go vote! If you voted by mail, be sure to check that your ballot was accepted and counted. If you’re registered in the state of North Carolina, you can find your polling place and track your ballot status through the NC Voter Search.
  4. We continue to welcome and encourage contributions to our Teaching History Online blog! We would love to hear your experiences, experiments, and techniques in teaching history digitally during the age of COVID-19.

As always, email us with any questions about digital history/teaching, resources, and research. Have a great week!



The DHL Team

Craig, Emma, Gabe, and Ash

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